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The Hang Your Hearts Project was born in the wake of the senseless killings of People of Color in the United States.  

The mission behind this project is simple and presents a quick, actionable task that ANYONE can do to provide relief and support to vulnerable and marginalized populations.


You hang a Green Heart in your window.  By doing so, you establish your home as a safe place for a person of color in your neighborhood. If they are fearful because they are being harassed, if someone is trying to cause them harm verbally or physically, they can look to your home as a safe place.  They know they can come to you to provide temporary shelter.


I know this will not fix everything.  This will not extinguish the fires of hate and injustice in this country.  But it’s a start.  It’s a small action item you can do right now.  It’s a small action item you can do with your young children.  It’s more than thoughts and prayers.


It allows us to begin the conversation with our children about race relations, injustices, safety and privilege.  We must make every effort to raise a generation of anti-racists, instead of people who sit back and wait for the cycle to enter “forget mode” again.  This is the first, small, actionable step in doing so – and we are proud to have you onboard with us.

**Please note, this is a self-run, self-supported initiative. We do not and will not accept donations.  In lieu of donations here, please consider donating to The Minnesota Freedom Fund. **

Tag #TheHangYourHeartProject on Instagram so we can share your project with the world.


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